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About PaperStack:

Hello, after iOS 5 release (introducing PageViewController and Book Applications) PaperStack team decided to convert the "Books" project in something more interesting and portable. Anyway, we decided to release our alpha source code to reveal the geometry and math behind the Page Curl filter to everyone. Hope this helps!

How to use the code:

github Alpha Source Code
The code is open source then GitHub forks and pull requests are really appreciated.
This code was released because around 200 developers from different countries ask for it in the last weeks. The scope is to share the conical dynamic deformation, finger tracking, shadow casting, page constrain logic and texture mapping. It means that it's not yet ready to be used in a commercial project.

If you decide to use this code or part of it for your own project, please do not forget people that spent time and passion on it.
Here is the list of people to thanks:
Mutado Mobile API & PaperStack team for the dynamic conical deformation and finger tracking W. Dana Nuon for the conical algorithm mesh deformation and source Jeff LaMarche for his extensive and incredibly helpful OpenGL ES from the ground up tutorials

Join PaperStack team:

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iPad Demo - iBooks like Page Curl filter